Mahjong Solitaire at its best

Few things are as enjoyable (and frustrating) to play online like Mahjong solitaire. At one point in time you were probably, or possibly you still are, addicted to trying to match up those tiles and clearing the whole stack.

mahjong solitaire stack of tiles

A typical mahjong solitaire stack to drive you up the wall…

With a game that is so simple, yet so complex, it just grabs your undivided attention. Personally I just want to play one more game… just that one more, because I know I am so close to clearing it easily… If you have played Mahjong solitaire enough times, you will know what I am talking about.

Since we are also big fans of the game and have invested many hours in striving to clear those stacks of tiles, we thought it would be nice to throw together a couple of varieties here for you.

Our selection is fairly vast and they all have different and interesting little twists and turns. Here are the ones you would be able to play on

Chalk Mahjong Wild Africa Mahjong
Wigwam Mahjong Solitaire Tahai Mahjong Solitaire
Pumpkin Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Farm
Mahjong Cubes Magic World Mahjong
London Bridge Mahjong Solitaire Frozen Mahjong Solitaire
Dinosaur Period Mahjong Coffee Mahjong
Circus Mahjong Solitaire Ben Mahjong
Aztecs Mahjong Solitaire Aztec Relic Mahjong
Ancient Treasures Mahjong Solitaire Western Mahjong Solitaire
Undersea Mahjong Moai Mahjong Solitaire
Mahjong Link Mahjong Collision
Mahjong Card Solitaire Indian Wizard Mahjong
Funny Pirates Mahjong Brave Cowboy Mahjong Solitaire

The rules for playing on our site:

  • The games are free to play whenever you want to play
  • You should have fun. Play to relax and don’t hurt your screen… it doesn’t help
  • The tiles are your friends. If you play nice, they might play nice as well

I think that about covers all of the serious rules you need to know about the site.

Why Mahjong solitaire is enjoyed so much

It is a strange mix of two games and doesn’t really carry the characteristics of either. On the one side the only part that is related to Mahjong is the use of tiles, often like the tiles used in the traditional game, stacked on top of each other. On the other side it is not really like solitaire. You choose two of the cards with the same value and then remove them.

So why has it captured the imagination of people the world over? I have a friend’s sister who got so addicted to it and was so in tune with understanding how to remove the tiles and matching them up that she would clear a stack of tiles in something like 40 seconds. Determined not to be outdone by a girl I tried my hand at it literally for a couple of weeks and the closest I could come was clearing the same stack of tiles in around 2 minutes!

a typical mahjong solitaire game these days

A typical mahjong solitaire game these days looks like the one above. It has nothing to do with the four walls built in a square as with the traditional Mahjong.

That said it is one of the most challenging puzzle games you are likely to play. The game challenges you to think ahead strategically while you struggle to remove tiles that are matched up. With the constant changes in the pattern of the layouts of stacked tiles, the challenge stays very real.

There aren’t any fancy graphic effects or mind blowing sound effects, just an enthralling puzzle game. The challenge of solving a game which looks so simple but isn’t, has been the winning recipe for countless games over the centuries.

People would continue to play mahjong solitaire for a good number of years to come. It only exploded in popularity when computers started to become common place and a good 30 years have passed since. It is here to stay, so you might as well stack them up and see if you have what it takes.